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Invasive Memories

„Invasive Memories“ will be an interactive VR film with live performance, which will transport the viewers:into the fleeting world of memories of an increasingly demented person. Filmed in 360° and played back in Unity (3D engine), the last visit of our aging protagonist in her apartment becomes a constantly changing „journey“ through vague memories.
The viewer will experience for herself how fleeting memories can be. Since in VR the viewer’s gaze is measured at all times, we use this to interactively merge the real filmed memories. When the viewer turns away, the memories around them change as well. If at the beginning these are only slight changes, such as objects lying in a different place in the room, after a few minutes this becomes a (night)dream-like experience in which no memory remains constantly linear. Memories of lively family celebrations merge with situations of a banal everyday life, with memories of our protagonist’s husband and his death, of lonely moments and other diffuse situations with friends and family. It is the banal memories of an everyday life that impose themselves on the viewer:in anew with every change of view. In virtual reality there is no virtual escape, at least until one arrives back in the real time of our protagonist and she takes a last look at her old apartment.

The project is in post-production/programming. This is just a small preview incl. making-of (originally an Instagram post):