Augmented Theatre

(demo video below this text)

‘Augmented Theatre’ is an artistic research project which seeks to develop a new narrative technique for a modern theater experience.

The performance takes place in a physical set, where a 360° camera and several microphones are placed. The live video and sound streams are sent to VR-headsets the audience is wearing.

Through digital manipulation of the streams we can constantly change, modify, and virtually expand the spatial environment during the performance as it allows us to incorporate live 360° recordings and 3D renderings as environments.

By being in the same space as the performers (or at least close to it) but experiencing the set digitally augmented, a real and yet surreal experience for the audience is created.

This novel approach is particularly well-suited to visualize real places and issues that are not (yet) real, to simulate scenarios, such as the consequences of climate change. Our goal is to develop a new toolset for the future of modern theater.

Demo Video:

This is a live-capture of the camera feed. It looks and works best on mobil devices!
There are english subtitels availeble by clicking the youtube subtitles symbol!

Scan QR-code to open the video on your mobil device! 🙂